荣获第十届2015 上海"优秀企业"称号!

上海环利是上海电气、电机维修业之精锐,拥有行业A 级维修资质和lSO9001-2008质量认证之诚信星级企业。


上海环利自2003 年成立以来,广纳贤士、引进先进工艺、技术及检修、检测设备,一直为电力、钢铁、航运、石油、石化、橡胶、矿业、水泥等各界生产企业,提供多方位周到的技术保障服务。






2015 年8 月1日

Shanghai Huanli Motor Co.Ltd Profile

Shanghai Huanli Motor Co., Ltd is Toshiba Electric Special Maintenance Enterprise——the first special maintenance enterprise in China.

It’s Hitachi Electric Designated Maintenance Enterprise.

It wins the honorary title of "The 10th Shanghai’s Outstanding Enterprise"in 2015.

Shanghai Huanli Motor Co., Ltd is the elite enterprise of Shanghai electric and motor maintenance industry.It is a high-integrity enterprise which has been  accredited with"Grade-A Enterprise of Equipment Maintenance"and"lSO9001 -2008 quality certification".

Shanghai Huanli Motor Co., Ltd is committed to the domestic and foreign maintenance, design, modification and installation business including all kinds of high and low voltage motor, AC and DC motor, steam turbine, wind driven generator, variable frequency motor, permanent magnet motor, explosion -proof motor, ocean ships and electrical engineering. In addition to these, the business involves power, steel, shipping, offshore oil, petrochemical, rubber, mining, cement, chemical and other industries. The enterprise is aimed at providing comprehensive and thoughtful technical support services for all sectors of production enterprises.

Since it was founded in 2003, Shanghai Huanli Motor Co., Ltd hires the distinguished men, introduces advanced process and technology and uses the high- quality maintenance and testing equipment. It has been established perfect hardware service platform now. Adhering to the principle of quality, safety, speed, convenience and reliability, we go out to do a good job of motor maintain services.

The expert team of Shanghai Huanli Motor Co., Ltd devote themselves to provide clients with free detection of the faulted motors, solve problems for customers to win precious time and guarantee the enterprise production.

We think what is on the customers’ minds. Above all, we are anxious about what the customers are anxious about. Our tenet is that"quality is life, customer is the lifeblood". We make friends with honesty and win the survival and development with high quality.

We make friends sincerely and we strive to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. We welcome you here to visit, observe, guide and consult personally.

Shanghai Huanli Motor Co., Ltd
On August 1, 2015